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The Wolf and the Watchman was placed on the Long List for the National Book Award in September 2013.  Here’s a bit about it…

Growing up, Scott Johnson always suspected that his dad was different. Only as a teenager did he discover the truth: his father was a spy, one of the CIA’s most trusted officers.  And, as Scott came to realize, his father had been living a double life for so long that it was often hard to distinguish the lies from the truth.

When an adult Scott embarked on a career as a war correspondent, he found himself returning to many of the troubled countries of his youth. In the dusty streets of Pakistan and Afghanistan, amid the cold urbanity of Yugoslavia, and down the mysterious alleys of Mexico City, he came face to face with his father’s murky past – and his own complicity in it.

The Wolf and the Watchman is a provocative, meditative reckoning on truth, deception, and manipulation, and the fidelities we owe to ourselves and to our families.  It is also an intensely personal story of a bond between father and son that endured in the shadow of one of the world’s most secretive and unforgiving institutions.

The Wolf and the Watchman will be published in the United States by W.W Norton in 2013.

It is currently available in Australia and New Zealand where it has been published by Scribe Publications. Please visit their author and book page here.

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