“Johnson evokes John le Carre’s dark autobiographical thriller “The Perfect Spy“…the kind of psychological police procedural that might have been written by Camus.”– The Washington Post


“Searingly honest.” — The San Francisco Chronicle


“Rare emotional subtlety… finely etched prose worthy of Evelyn Waugh or Graham Greene” — Newsweek


“Gripping, emotional depictions of the conflicts that rage in the interior and exterior worlds of a spy—and of a journalist.”   — Kirkus Reviews


“Johnson’s engrossing memoir, through the layers of subterfuge, uncovers many basic truths of familial conflict” — Publisher’s Weekly


“Delving into his complex relationship with his still much-loved father and the way the CIA cast its shadow over their lives” - Deborah Snow Sydney Morning Herald

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“Just outstanding.” - Matthew da Silva Happy Antipodean

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“This moving, poetic, and deeply meaningful book shines a light into the faltering human condition…” – James Rose CourierMail

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“Johnson explores the father-son relationship with insight…” - Diana Burstall Northern Rivers Echo
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“This coming-of-age tale is a fascinating read about a son’s search for infallible truth…” – Marie Claire

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“Facinating and beautifully written memoir of a boy and his father.” - SundayAge
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“The tale is compelling and the ethical deliberations Johnson conducts as he examines his life then and now in the context of his father’s involvement with the CIA is at once fascinating on a world scale…” – Jocelyn Mentally Unstable like a Fox

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